[Weekly Workout] At-Home Bikram Yoga Class for Beginners

Hot yoga is tricky to do at home, but this 60-minute Bikram yoga class will give you a little taste of this unique style of yoga…

Bikram yoga is one branch of yoga that isn’t that easy to do at home, since it requires a specific environment in regards to temperature and humidity. If you have a room that is especially hot in your home (like an upstairs room in the summer), you may be able to simulate a Bikram yoga class. But most people take professional classes for this style of yoga. However, this 60-minute Bikram-inspired yoga class will give you a little taste of what it’s like to enjoy the benefits of Bikram yoga.

This video includes a series of classic Bikram yoga poses, condensed into a powerful 1-hour practice that you can do at home. These poses are designed to help generate inner heat to achieve the cleansing and purifying benefits of Bikram-style yoga, while promoting strength, balance, and flexibility. If you are new to Bikram yoga and don’t feel ready to attend a live class, give this one a try and see what you think.

If possible, do the workout in a hot room. Remember that Bikram yoga is designed to be practiced at 104 °F, with 40% humidity – that’s why it’s called “hot yoga.” If you don’t have access to a room with these conditions, just do it in the warmest room you have – or even outdoors – it is summer after all! 🙂


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