[Weekly Workout] Birds of Play Yoga Sequence

Have some fun and challenge yourself with this intermediate-to-advanced birds of play yoga sequence!

Do you ever wish you could fly like a bird? Well, while this may not be possible, you can embody the spirit of flight with these awesome bird-inspired yoga poses!

Today’s workout is a little different, as instead of focusing on a specific outcome, condition, or part of the body, we will be exploring a series of bird poses. Some of these are rather challenging, so this is a class for those that are a bit more advanced in your yoga practice. Be sure you are properly warmed up before beginning this sequence. (Here is a good warm-up sequence to practice.)

In this 15-minute “birds of play” yoga sequence, you will be doing the following poses:

1) Eagle Pose
2) Flying Eagle
3) Cowfaced Eagle
4) Pigeon Pose
5) King Pigeon
6) Heron Pose
7) Twisted Heron
8) Balanced Heron
9) Twisted Heron 2
10) Crow
11) Feathered Peacock
12) Rooster

Ready? Grab your mat, and let’s fly!

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