[Weekly Workout] Blissful Yoga Flow for Unsettled Times

Take a break from the chaos & uncertainty of the outside world with this 15-minute yoga flow that will help you increase flexibility, stimulate your metabolism, and build strength as you connect with your deeper self…

The pandemic, inflation, high prices at the pump: there are plenty of things out there to stress you out these days!

Fortunately, yoga is a wonderful way to find peace at home on your yoga mat, no matter what may be happening in the outside world. This 15-minute flow is the perfect answer to these unsettled times.

This intermediate-level class is designed to help you find balance, peace, and physical and mental strength. You’ll stretch away tension and stiffness, release pent up energy, and strengthen and tone your entire body from head to toe, with a particular focus on the lower body.

While you don’t need prior experience for this class, intermediate students will find some of the poses more approachable, so if you’re a beginner, please modify any poses as needed for your particular body and comfort level.


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