[Weekly Workout] Chest & Upper Body Opening Flow

Open your heart and stretch and strengthen your upper body with this 25-minute upper body opening flow!

Most of us spend a lot of time seated in front of a computer these days, so it’s important to get outside the box and counterbalance the forward posture that sitting at a desk promotes. This short class helps to open up your chest, shoulders, neck, arms, and neck, while strengthening your upper body and improving posture.

This session is a blend of Hatha yoga and therapeutic yoga postures, with a focus on the chest and upper body. You’ll also learn some new variations of familiar poses as you take time to move slowly, breathe deeply, and tune into the needs of your body.

Grab your mat, get comfy, and get ready to give your body the support it needs to be strong, flexible, and resilient in the real world!

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