[Weekly Workout] Daily Yoga for Flexibility

This simple daily yoga practice will help to increase flexibility and reduce pain and stiffness throughout your body.

Doing yoga every day has amazing benefits for your health and longevity, according to scientific studies. While a regular yoga practice can help relieve stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, improve muscle strength, and increase your overall fitness, few aspects of your physical health will benefit more from a daily yoga practice than your flexibility.

Most of us spend far too much of our lives sitting, which leads to tight, shortened muscle fibers, and eventually, chronic pain. Stretching our bodies daily is one of the best (if not the only) ways to maintain healthy, flexible muscles, joints, and fascia.

This 16-minute yoga session is a great one to incorporate into your daily schedule to combat pain, stiffness, and tight muscles. This flowing and relaxing class will help to cultivate flexibility throughout your body, release physical and mental stress, and help you become more grounded. It’s a great class to do first thing in the morning, but you will benefit no matter what time of day you practice.

Remember to listen to your body, and do what feels good!

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