[Weekly Workout] Fat Burning Yoga For Weight Loss

This fat burning yoga workout will help keep you feeling strong and limber while losing some of those extra pounds from from the holidays…

Brrr!  Even watching this video makes me feel cold! It sure is beautiful, though… Winter is a time when many of us put on some extra pounds, but winter is also a great time to do yoga – in fact, it’s my favorite time!

Since I’m often cooped up indoors anyway, this gives me an excuse to do my favorite yoga workouts more often. Not only does yoga help to increase blood flow and keep me feeling warmer, but it is also a great mood-booster, which really comes in handy on cold, dreary winter days! And yoga helps keep me feeling strong and in shape throughout the months when I have fewer outdoor activities to participate in.

This 20-minute fat burning yoga workout uses flowing yoga poses to help increase your heart rate, burn fat, release tension, and tone your entire body – from glutes, to core, to arms and upper body. Lose weight and feel great this winter with this strengthening and lengthening fat burning yoga workout:


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