[Weekly Workout] Lohan Yoga – Monk Path Level 1

Try Lohan yoga for yourself with this 17-minute Monk Path 1 class…

The ancient form of yoga known as Lohan Yoga is unique in that it is meant to be a lifelong practice that evolves with the practitioner, which means that there are various movements, techniques, and “paths” that a yogi may follow as you go through your yoga journey.

This week’s class is meant to give you a little taste of Lohan yoga by exploring the Monk Path Level 1. This sequence is a easier than some of the more advanced paths, and it should be suitable for most beginner-to-intermediate students. Please modify as needed if you aren’t comfortable fully expressing some of the postures.

Odds are you haven’t experienced this unique form of yoga before, so grab your mat and give it a try!


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