[Weekly Workout] New Year Yoga Journey – Week 1: Discern

Start off the new year by getting in touch with your authentic self through an 8-week yoga journey – starting this week!

Welcome to a brand new year! We’re kicking off the New Year with a new yoga series. This one will take you on an 8-week journey to help you uncover your authentic self and tap into your inner power and innate wisdom.

This series is designed for all experience levels – even those who are brand new to yoga, elderly, starting at a low fitness level, or recovering from an injury. It’s also suitable for pregnant women – just be sure to modify as needed, and avoid twist poses or heavy core exercises.

As you journey through this series, focus on feeling the inner power and peace within you, and allow that part of you to shine love and light on every other aspect of yourself – even the parts you most often try to hide or ignore!

Week 1 starts off with a full-length yoga session that invites you to pay attention to your reason for being here. This 50-minute class provides an informative and loving foundation for the weeks to follow, so grab your mat, tune in, and enjoy!


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