[Weekly Workout] Root Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class

Cleanse and nourish your foundational root chakra with this grounding and strengthening Vinyasa yoga class…

As we discussed on Monday, working with your chakras during your yoga practice may provide additional benefits, both physical and emotional. Starting this month, for our Wednesday Workout class, we will be sharing a chakra-cleansing class for each specific chakra. We’re starting today off with the first chakra, or the “Root Chakra.”

This chakra is located at the very base of the spine – yes, all the way down between your genitals and anus, and it is linked to the bundle of nerves connected to the tailbone.

The location of the root chakra means it is the foundation of both your chakral system, and your spinal column. The root chakra is the foundation upon which everything rests!

Here are a few more characteristics of the root chakra, according to TheJourneyJunkie.com:

  • Sanskrit name – muladhara, which means root support
  • Location – base of spine, legs, knees, feet, bones, and skin
  • Purpose – survival and stability
  • Goals – connection, grounding, physical health, trust, prosperity
  • Element – earth
  • Color – red
  • Sound – LAM
  • Activity – having
  • Relation to self – self-preservation
  • Identity – physical identity
  • Demon – fear
  • Excessive – heavy, monotony, lethargic, obesity, hoarding, materialism, greed
  • Deficient – fearful, undisciplined, restless, underweight, ephemeral
  • Harmony – stability, physical health harmony
  • Development – conception to 6 months old
  • Important factors – family and childhood experiences in relation to safety, stability, support, health, and finances 

Ready for some nourishing and grounding yoga moves to care for this important foundational chakra? Let’s get started!

Feeling like the whole “chakra” thing isn’t really for you? No worries! Just browse our workout archives to find something a little more your style. 🙂


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