[Weekly Workout] 15-Minute Yin Yoga for the Extremities

Give your extremities some love and care with this gentle 15-minute Yin yoga sequence for the hands and feet.

While our hands and feet take arguably more abuse than any other part of our bodies, we tend to neglect them during exercise. Even most yoga workouts don’t focus much on relieving stress and tension in our extremities. This week’s short yoga session will help to stretch and release your hands, fingers, wrists, feet, ankles, and neck, to help you maintain optimum function in these important areas of the body.

Since the extremities are sensitive and can be vulnerable to stress, these poses are held for a shorter time period than most other Yin yoga poses. This gentle series of exercises will help to restore flexibility and function, and they are great for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or other similar afflictions of the hands, wrists, or ankles.

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