[Weekly Workout] Yoga for Arm & Shoulder Strength

Build arm and shoulder strength with this upper body strengthening yoga sequence designed to help you master those challenging arm balance poses…

Arm balance poses can be tricky, but they can also be a lot of fun! Learning to “fly” in poses like Crow or Firefly is a rewarding way to experience some of the powerful strength-building benefits of yoga. But first, you may need to build your upper body strength, which is what this week’s arm and shoulder strength workout will help with.

Those new to yoga often think of it as a form of stretching, and while yoga is wonderful for improving your flexibility, it is also a great way to build strength throughout the entire body. For example, Firefly pose strengthens the arms, shoulders, wrists, legs, and core muscles – all at once!

Upper body strength can be a particular challenge for women, who, like it or not, may tend to have less strength in these areas than men do. This is a great reason to practice arm balance poses, but sometimes these poses can seem too difficult and we may give up too soon, thinking “I’ll never be able to master that pose.” But when you dedicate yourself to a regular yoga practice that includes arm balance poses, you may be surprised to find yourself “flying” after all – and sooner than you may have expected!

The 20-minute session below is designed to help build arm and shoulder strength so that you can balance with the best of them!


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