[Weekly Workout] 10-Minute Yoga for Balance & Strength

10-minute yoga workout for balance & core strength

Build core strength and improve your balance with this effective 10-minute yoga session…

Get ready to strengthen your core, abs, and back with this quick and effective balance and core strengthening yoga sequence. This 10-minute yoga class is especially good for those with back issues, as it builds the core strength that is so important for preventing back pain, improving posture, and helping to avoid injury.

It may seem like a pretty simple routine at first glance, but balance poses are always more challenging (and effective) than you expect! While the moves are simple, they are actually working your entire body since all of your muscles are engaged in helping you to keep your balance.

All you need is a mat, and the poses in this video are appropriate for all levels – beginner to advanced yogis can all benefit from a strong core!

Be sure to stay tuned next week – we’ll be sharing a fun yoga fusion challenge for the month of February, which means you’ll get to try a few different types of yoga combined into one powerful workout every Wednesday!


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