[Weekly Workout] Yoga for Stress & Depression

This uplifting and heart-opening yoga class may help to relieve stress and combat depression and anxiety…

There has been a lot talk lately in yoga news circles about therapeutic uses for yoga – especially when it comes to mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Yoga has been found to have profound benefits for those fighting depression, and is now being used in a number of different forms of therapy for related issues as well. (You can read more about this here.)

Just about any type of yoga practice can provide benefits for those struggling with anxiety and depression, but the relaxing session below is a great place to start.

This class combines mood-boosting yoga poses with affirmations to relax your mind and help you feel more positive, grounded, and peaceful in your body. This is a great one to do whenever you are stressed or feeling down, and it is suitable for most experience levels.

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