[Weekly Workout] Yoga to Beat the Winter Blues

Ditch those winter blues with this energizing and refreshing 30-minute yoga sequence!

We all get the winter blues sometimes. There are times when all you feel like doing is holing up on the couch for days, or huddling under the covers reading and snoozing. Yes, even humans sometimes wish we could hibernate!

Winter is a time when we often focus inward, feel depressed, and stop doing many of our favorite activities. All this inactivity isn’t good for you though, which is why I love yoga so much in the winter. It not only stretches all my stiff muscles (which always seem so much worse when it’s cold), but it also energizes both my body and mind and somehow makes the dreary winter days seem more bearable!

This refreshing 30-minute yoga sequence is suitable for all levels, and will help to stretch and strengthen your entire body and boost your mood to help you feel more positive – even when it’s downright yucky outside.

Now put on something comfy, grab your yoga mat, light your favorite candle, and let’s beat those winter blues!

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