[Weekly Workout] Yoga Vinyasa + Meditation Hybrid Practice

Move your body & calm your mind with this 45-minute hybrid yoga + meditation class…

Looking for a combined yoga and meditation practice? We’ve got you covered with this 45-minute hybrid class!

While some people prefer to start their yoga practice with meditation, we find it works better to expend physical energy and release tension first, and then slow down and turn our focus inwards. In this class, you’ll start out with a 30-minute intermediate-level Vinyasa yoga sequence, followed by 15 minutes of meditation.

The movement portion of this class includes strength, flexibility and balance. You won’t need any props for the yoga flow, but you may wish to have a cushion handy for the seated meditation portion.

So, put on some comfy clothes, grab your yoga mat, and let’s work on both body and mind together!


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