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5 Top Yoga FAQs for Beginners

By Rose S. / November 11, 2019

New to yoga? These yoga FAQs will help answer some of your most pressing questions about yoga and get you off to a great start! If you’re brand new to yoga, you may have some questions. While you may have heard that yoga is very beneficial for physical health and stress relief, you may be […]


[Pose Of the Week] Build Strength With Chair Pose (Beginner)

By / August 10, 2018

Chair Pose is an important foundational yoga pose that strengthens and tones your lower body and more. Here are a few tips for beginners… Yoga newbies sometimes think of Chair Pose (Utkatasana) as “the torture pose,” but love it or hate it, there is no doubt that Chair Pose offers some unique benefits. Not only […]


What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class

By / May 28, 2018

Heading to your first yoga class and not quite sure what to wear? Here are a few tips on what’s appropriate (and what’s not)… What to wear, what to wear? When you are deciding what you should wear while practicing yoga, sometimes it seems like there are entirely too many choices. Should you wear loose […]


3 Ways to Modify Basic Yoga Poses If You’re Just Not That Flexible

By / January 1, 2018

Feeling too inflexible even to master these basic yoga poses? Relax, breathe, and try these simple modifications! Okay, so truth be told, I’m not all that flexible… My hips and hamstrings are always tight from sitting so much at my job, and my knees never go down to the floor all neatly in Butterfly. “Easy […]