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5 Ways to Improve Mobility & Flexibility with Yoga

By Rose S. / November 7, 2022

Improve both mobility and flexibility with these helpful yoga practice tips… Yoga can be a wonderful form of exercise for staying mobile and flexible as we age. Most yoga poses will help to increase your range of motion and stretch and massage muscle fibers and fascia while strengthening muscles and joints. When it comes to […]


Unlocking Maha Bandha (The Great Lock)

By Rose S. / October 10, 2022

Gain the benefits of all three interior locks with Maha Bandha… If you’ve been doing yoga for a while, you may have heard of the three principal bandhas. The bandhas are known as internal locks, as they involve holding or “locking” various areas of the body in order to control energy flow, improve focus, and […]


How to Practice Jalandhara Bandha (Throat Lock)

By Rose S. / August 15, 2022

Learn Jalandhara Bandha (Throat Lock) to relieve stress, improve posture, and tap into your Throat Chakra… Jalandhara Bandha (Throat Lock) – also known as Chin Lock, is the third of the three interior “locks” that are often used in yoga to help control the flow of energy through the body. You can practice Throat Lock […]


7 Tips for Doing Yoga Safely While Pregnant

By Rose S. / May 23, 2022

Expecting, and can’t stand to give up your favorite yoga practice? You don’t have to! Follow these helpful tips for doing yoga safely while pregnant… If you love yoga, you may be worried you’ll have to give up your practice during pregnancy. However, as long as your pregnancy is healthy and you don’t have any […]


The Three Parts of Yogic Breathing for A Calm & Steady Mind

By Rose S. / May 9, 2022

Increase calm & focus, relieve stress & anxiety, & more with yogic breathing. Here are the 3 steps you’ll need to learn… You probably already know that many forms of yoga focus a lot on the breath. But breathing in a certain rhythm with each movement during a yoga class is just the beginning. In […]


How to Practice Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Lock)

By Rose S. / March 28, 2022

Experience the power of Uddiyana Bandha in your yoga practice! Learn how to perform Abdominal Lock here… If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you may have come across the concept of Bandhas. A Bandha, or lock, is a specific practice that is designed to help control the flow of energy or prana throughout […]


7 Tips for Starting A Meditation Practice

By Rose S. / March 14, 2022

Want to try meditation, but not sure it will work for you? Try these 7 simple tips for starting a meditation practice that works for your life… Meditation can be an extremely valuable practice –  not just for your mental health, but also for your physical health and your relationships as well. However, many people […]


Get Cozy With These Warming Meditations

By Rose S. / February 7, 2022

Stay warm, grounded, and energized in the dead of winter with these 3 simple warming meditations… Winter can leave us feeling cold, stiff, and well, just “blah.” The good news is that you can beat the winter “blahs” by seeking activities that warm your body and uplift your spirit. Many forms of exercise are great […]


5 Powerful Yoga Mudras for Focus & Energy

By Rose S. / January 31, 2022

Add these simple yoga mudras to your practice to focus & energize your mind! Mudras can be a powerful addition to your yoga practice as you progress in your yoga journey. Mudras are gestures that are typically practiced during meditation to focus the mind and channel your energy. They are also regularly used in some […]


5 Ways to Stay Consistent with Your Yoga Practice

By Rose S. / January 17, 2022

Create consistency in your yoga practice this year with these 5 simple tips… If you’ve set an intention to prioritize your yoga practice this year, good for you! Setting clear intentions is the first step to success – but it won’t necessarily carry you the whole way. In fact, many people start off the new […]

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