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5 Yoga Poses You Can Do With a Yoga Wheel

By Rose S. / January 24, 2022

Looking for something new for your yoga practice? Try these 5 fun yoga poses you can do with a yoga wheel… You’ve had that yoga wheel on your wishlist for a while, and you finally got it for Christmas – so now what do you do with it? As with most yoga props, you can […]


Do You Need a Yoga Bolster?

By Rose S. / September 27, 2021

A yoga bolster is a common prop for restorative and other relaxing yoga classes. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether you need one… One reason why yoga is such an accessible form of exercise is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. Really the only thing you absolutely need […]


Yoga Equipment Options: Basic to Advanced

By Rose S. / January 18, 2021

While you don’t have to buy any special yoga equipment to practice yoga, these items may be helpful as you grow in your practice… One of the great things about yoga is that it’s so accessible. Contrary to some popular yoga myths, you don’t need to be fit, young, or flexible to gain the many […]


4 Top Yoga Products for Your Home Yoga Practice Space

By Rose S. / August 24, 2020

Personalize your home yoga practice space with these highly-rated comfy and supportive items… In recent months, many yogis have been forced to give up their favorite yoga classes and switch to a home yoga practice instead. Practicing at home has many benefits, and though you may miss the group experience of a class, the convenience […]