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[Pose Of the Week] Open Up With Camel Pose (Beginner)

By / February 23, 2018

Camel Pose provides a wonderful stretch for the entire front of your body – as well as many other benefits! Here are a few tips for mastering this yoga backbend pose… Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is a basic backbend pose that stretches the chest, abdomen, quads, and hip flexors, while also improving spinal flexibility and improving […]


[Pose of the Week] 3 Variations on Camel Pose to Liberate & Inspire You

By / August 11, 2017

These variations on Camel Pose will help you to find the best way to perform this challenging and heart-opening yoga pose. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is a foundational yoga pose that opens your chest area, stretches your abdominal muscles, improves flexibility of your shoulders and spine, and strengthens your arms, shoulders, and core. Some say that […]