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Your Brain On Yoga

By Rose S. / June 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered why yoga makes you feel so great? Here’s what happens to your brain on yoga… You probably already love the way your body feels when you do yoga, but yoga has some pretty awesome benefits for your brain as well! Yoga is known to relieve stress and anxiety, but why is […]


How to Use Mindfulness & Yoga To Melt Away Holiday Stress

By / December 4, 2017

Holidays got you feeling stressed? Feel better with these simple yoga and mindfulness tips. Mindfulness is a central tenet of yoga – and it’s one of the reasons yoga is such a great way to calm and center yourself and relieve stress. Focusing inward, or on your body, or your breathing, is a great way […]


How Yoga Exercises Your Mind As Well As Your Body

By / November 13, 2017

Even simple physical yoga poses can have great benefits for your mind as well as your body… Ancient Eastern yoga techniques incorporated 8 branches of practice – only one of which comprised the physical poses or “asanas.” Modern Western forms of yoga have been criticized for neglecting the other branches and focusing solely (or mostly) […]