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Back to Basics: What Is Yoga?

By Rose S. / January 6, 2020

Let’s get back to basics with a quick look at some of the main features and benefits of yoga, by answering the question, what is yoga anyway? While you are probably already at least a bit familiar with yoga if you find yourself reading this blog, sometimes it’s good to revisit the basics and remind […]


How to Stop Judging Yourself: Practicing Non-Judgement On the Mat & Off

By Rose S. / August 26, 2019

Most of us could benefit by becoming a little less judgemental – and not just in yoga class. Here are a few tips for practicing non-judgement, both on and off the yoga mat… We, humans, are judgemental creatures, and while part of this is a biological survival instinct designed to help us form closer ties […]


The Benefits of Doing Yoga With Meditation

By / October 1, 2018

If you think of yoga as just another form of physical exercise, you’ll be amazed when you experience the many awesome benefits of doing yoga with meditation! Many people in the West think of yoga as purely a form of physical exercise, but in fact, meditation is a central part of the traditional yogic discipline. […]


Why Yoga Is Not About What Happens On Your Mat

By / September 10, 2018

Struggling with your yoga practice? Consider these important questions for some internal motivation… Yoga can be difficult. It can be challenging. It can push us to our limits – both physically and mentally. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like much fun (although other times it can make you feel wonderful). We all have moments when […]


3 Life Lessons Yoga Teaches Us About Dealing With Tragedy

By / February 12, 2018

The principles of yoga can benefit us off the mat as well. For example, here are 3 ways that yoga teaches us to deal with tragedy in a healthier manner… Many people think of yoga as a healing practice only for the physical body, but yoga can also help us heal emotionally and deal with […]


How Yoga Exercises Your Mind As Well As Your Body

By / November 13, 2017

Even simple physical yoga poses can have great benefits for your mind as well as your body… Ancient Eastern yoga techniques incorporated 8 branches of practice – only one of which comprised the physical poses or “asanas.” Modern Western forms of yoga have been criticized for neglecting the other branches and focusing solely (or mostly) […]


5 Awesome Mental Benefits of Yoga

By / July 24, 2017

Here are 5 amazing mental benefits of yoga that will help you become a better you! We all know that yoga is good for our physical bodies, but what about our minds? Besides the physical benefits, yoga also benefits our mental state and overall well-being in numerous ways. In fact, yoga originally was more of […]