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4 Simple Morning Mindfulness Practices for a Better Day

By Rose S. / May 3, 2021

Start your day off on the right foot with these 4 simple morning mindfulness practices! Setting an intention for your day can help to clarify your goals and get your day off to a great start. But there are a number of other things you can do in the morning to set yourself up for […]


How to Embrace Positive Change During Times of Challenge

By Rose S. / May 11, 2020

This pandemic is a new and stressful situation for most of us, but it also provides us with an opportunity to embrace positive change and become our best selves… In times of turmoil such as these, when we feel like our lives have been turned upside down, it’s easy to get depressed or feel like […]


What It Means to Listen To Your Body

By / August 27, 2018

You probably hear the phrase a lot, but what does it really mean to listen to your body? Here are a few tips for mastering this important yogic skill… “Listen to your body.”  It’s a phrase you probably hear all the time in yoga class, on yoga DVDs and online videos, and read in articles […]


3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By / January 22, 2018

Want to lose weight, save money, or quit smoking? Here’s how yoga can help you keep those New Year’s Resolutions… Many of us proclaim our New Year’s Resolutions loudly at the start of the year, but within a few weeks, our resolve begins to waver, and most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by the end […]


5 Morning Yoga Practices for a Great Day

By / February 27, 2017

No one wants to start off the day in a bad mood, and these simple morning yoga practices and tips can help make sure that doesn’t happen! Start your day off on the right foot by trying these simple techniques first thing in the morning. After doing these morning yoga practices, you’ll find yourself calmer, […]