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5 Pranayama Practices for Beginners

By Rose S. / July 12, 2021

Want to deepen your yoga practice with yogic breathing? Here are 5 simple Pranayama practices to get you started… Pranayama, the practice of yogic breathing, has been used for a variety of different purposes since ancient times. In fact, some refer to Pranayama practices as the foundation of all yoga disciplines. Some use breath control […]


[Weekly Workout] Burn Off Fat & Release Toxins with Fire Yoga

By Rose S. / March 6, 2019

Harness the healing powers of the Fire Element with this energizing and detoxifying fire yoga class! This energizing 20-minute yoga class explores the element of fire! Clear out toxins, burn fat, and release negativity and stress through the powerful and cleansing breath technique of Kapalabati, known in Kundalini yoga as “Breath of Fire.” Gently detoxify […]