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12 Unique Healing Benefits of Yoga

By Rose S. / March 15, 2021

Support and improve your health with the many healing benefits of yoga! Here are 12 unique ways that yoga helps you heal… People practice yoga for many reasons – stress relief, physical exercise, a feeling of connection, and more, but one of the main overall reasons why many people start practicing yoga is to improve […]


4 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

By Rose S. / January 27, 2020

A regular yoga practice can be a great way to stay strong and mobile as you age! Here are 4 of the top health benefits of yoga for seniors… While some people think of yoga as a pursuit for young, “bendy” people, in fact, yoga has numerous benefits for seniors as well, and can be […]


[Video] The Science of Yoga – A Documentary

By Rose S. / April 1, 2019

What does science say about the benefits of yoga? Watch the short Science Of Yoga documentary below to find out! Those of us who practice yoga regularly will swear by its many benefits – but what does science have to say about it? This short documentary takes a quick look at some of the current […]


6 Awesome Health Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day

By Rose S. / March 18, 2019

Enjoy even more of the amazing health benefits of doing yoga by doing it every day! It seems like there is more scientific evidence coming out every day about the amazing benefits yoga can provide for your life! From mental health benefits, to physical health improvements, anti-aging benefits, to anxiety control for kids and teens, […]


Fascinating Study Reveals The Effects of Yoga On Clinical Depression

By / June 5, 2017

A recent study found that yoga had a significant impact on patients with moderate depression. Here’s what researchers found – and how you can put the mood-boosting benefits of yoga to work in your life. Depression is a major issue in today’s world, impacting roughly 15 million Americans every year. However, a recent study from […]


How Pranayama Can Improve Your Health

By / March 17, 2017

The ancient practice of pranayama techniques in yoga has been found to have many scientifically proven health benefits. If you’re new to practicing yoga, you may be wondering, “what the heck is pranayma?” Put simply, pranayama refers to a number of different types of breath control techniques that are often used in traditional yoga. Unfortunately pranayama […]