[Video] The Science of Yoga – A Documentary

What does science say about the benefits of yoga? Watch the short Science Of Yoga documentary below to find out!

Those of us who practice yoga regularly will swear by its many benefits – but what does science have to say about it? This short documentary takes a quick look at some of the current research on the science of yoga.

While in the Western world, yoga is often thought of as a form of physical exercise, in fact, there are 4 main aspects to yoga, including the physical aspects of movements and breath control, the cultivation of mind-body awareness, the spiritual aspect, and the practice of self-regulation, which helps us learn to control our stress response and become more resilient.

Together, these 4 aspects combine to have a powerful impact on your overall physical and mental health, which is why yoga not only helps improve your physical health and fitness, but also may decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, as discussed in the documentary shown below.

Watch the video now for a fascinating look at what’s really happening in your body and mind when you do yoga!

(This is an abbreviated version. You can watch the full documentary at https://uplift.tv/2017/watch-science-behind-yoga/.)


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