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[Weekly Workout] 10-Minute Yoga for Perfect Posture

By Rose S. / August 21, 2019

This 10-minute class on yoga for perfect posture will help correct postural problems and build a strong and aligned spine… Yoga is a great form of exercise for improving your posture because it strengthens all the muscles and ligaments throughout your body that help to keep you upright. However, if you haven’t been doing yoga […]


6 Yoga Poses That Improve Your Posture

By Rose S. / August 19, 2019

Improve your posture and relieve neck and back pain with these posture-correcting yoga poses. Americans are suffering from a posture crisis, and it’s more serious than you may think… Bad posture does more than just affect your appearance; over time, it can lead to changes in bone structure, chronic pain, and other long-term health issues. […]


6 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Posture

By Rose S. / January 21, 2019

These 6 poses help to stretch, strengthen, and lengthen your muscles to improve your posture and reduce the ill health effects of poor posture. As you probably already know if you’re reading this blog, yoga has tons of benefits for both your physical and your mental health. Yoga is a very unique form of exercise […]