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The 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga

By Rose S. / August 1, 2022

Living by the 7 spiritual laws of yoga can bring peace, harmony, and unity into your life. Here’s what you should know… We’re back after a little summer break, and this week, we’re bringing you an introduction to the 7 spiritual laws of yoga, from Deepak Chopra. The word “yoga” actually means union in Sanskrit, […]


What Is a Yogi?

By Rose S. / April 11, 2022

What is a yogi? Let’s find out… You probably hear the term “yogi” thrown around a lot these days, from websites and blogs (including this one, I’ll admit), to yoga classes (“Hey yogis! Welcome to today’s class!”) – but what exactly IS a yogi anyway? According to YogaBasics.com, “a yogi is someone who is committed […]


2 Powerful Tips for Living Like a Yogi

By / June 9, 2017

Want to live like a yogi? Add these 2 practices to your daily life… When you hear the word “yogi,” you may conjure up a picture of an old, wise guru with long, grey hair living in a remote cave in the wilderness, but in fact, anyone can become a yogi! Being a yogi doesn’t […]