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Tap Into Your Root Chakra

By Rose S. / August 2, 2021

Nurture your root chakra for a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem… According to Eastern tradition, there are 7 major energy centers or “chakras” throughout the body. Ancient yogis believed that one reason yoga was so powerful is that it helped to move energy or “prana” through these chakras, keeping them open and balanced, and […]


[Weekly Workout] Root Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class

By Rose S. / May 8, 2019

Cleanse and nourish your foundational root chakra with this grounding and strengthening Vinyasa yoga class… As we discussed on Monday, working with your chakras during your yoga practice may provide additional benefits, both physical and emotional. Starting this month, for our Wednesday Workout class, we will be sharing a chakra-cleansing class for each specific chakra. […]