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[Weekly Workout] Gentle Senior Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

By Rose S. / November 10, 2021

Increase strength & flexibility, and stay mobile as you age with this gentle senior yoga class… Yoga is a great form of exercise for all age groups and fitness levels! It can also have some unique benefits for seniors. This week’s class provides a gentle workout that will help you maintain strength, flexibility, and balance […]


6 Helpful Yoga Poses for Seniors

By Rose S. / November 8, 2021

Thinking of taking up yoga in your golden years? Here are 6 beneficial yoga poses for seniors to get you started… While most images you see of people doing yoga feature young, thin, agile-looking women, the fact is that yoga is for people of ALL ages. In fact, yoga can be extremely beneficial even in […]


4 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

By Rose S. / January 27, 2020

A regular yoga practice can be a great way to stay strong and mobile as you age! Here are 4 of the top health benefits of yoga for seniors… While some people think of yoga as a pursuit for young, “bendy” people, in fact, yoga has numerous benefits for seniors as well, and can be […]


7 Tips for Doing Yoga with Osteoporosis

By / September 18, 2017

Yoga can be an excellent weight-bearing exercise for those with osteoporosis. Here are some tips for a safe yoga practice… Many older people today suffer from osteoporosis – in fact, in 2010, an estimated 10.2 million Americans suffered from the disease, while 44% of those over 50 had low bone mass. Those with osteoporosis face […]


4 Reasons Seniors Should Do Yoga

By / June 19, 2017

You don’t have to be a spring chicken to benefit from yoga! Here are 4 reasons why seniors should consider starting a yoga practice. Many people mistakenly think that yoga is only for young, flexible people, but yoga can provide great health benefits for those all all ages and fitness levels. In fact, yoga may […]