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[Pose Of the Week] Build a Strong Foundation with Staff Pose (Beginner)

By Rose S. / March 22, 2019

This basic beginner pose is more challenging than it looks! Here’s how to do Staff Pose properly and reap the benefits… Staff Pose (Dandasana) may look like one of the simplest poses ever – you’re just sitting on the floor, right? But in fact, this pose is a lot more challenging than it appears! Your […]


5 Yoga Stretches You Can Do While Driving

By / April 30, 2018

These simple yoga stretches can relieve pain and stiffness from sitting – and you can even do them in the car. Try these 5 easy poses while driving – but stay safe out there! So many of us spend hours every day seated at a computer, and then more time sitting in the car. It […]