5 Yoga Stretches You Can Do While Driving

These simple yoga stretches can relieve pain and stiffness from sitting – and you can even do them in the car. Try these 5 easy poses while driving – but stay safe out there!

So many of us spend hours every day seated at a computer, and then more time sitting in the car. It is no wonder that modern day life is plagued by what is now dubbed “sitting disease“!  A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to dozens of illnesses and diseases, and there is no question that almost all of us could use more exercise. But how do we fit more activity into an already jam-packed day?

One great strategy is to make creative use of your sitting time and move around as much as possible. If you are stuck at a desk, try standing while you’re talking on the phone – or get a standing desk or even a desk treadmill for working on the computer. There are also a number of yoga stretches you can do if you aren’t able to get out of your chair enough during the day.

Not only will you add more movement to your daily routine, but you will also help prevent stiffness and soreness that can be caused by sitting all day.

In fact, there are even a few simple yoga poses that you can do while driving!

Try these 5 suggestions from SpoiledYogi.com:

1. Threading the Needle. Keep your left hand on the steering wheel at 10 o’clock. Bring your right arm underneath the left and walk your hand as far toward the back of the car as you can. Use the driver’s side door as a prop to give you leverage and spread your right shoulder blade away from your spine. Repeat on the other side using your passenger seat as your prop.

2. Car Cow Face Pose. Bring one arm up overhead and bend it at the elbow so your hand comes toward the same-side shoulder blade. (Keep the other hand on the steering wheel). Use the back of your seat as a prop to get a deeper stretch. Breathe a lot. Then, do the other side.

3. Shoulder rolls. Roll your shoulders.

4. Check Your Blind Spot. Whenever you need to check your blind spot, turn your head a little more slowly than you normally would and take a deep breath. You’ll get a little neck stretch AND you’ll remember to breathe more often.

5. Half Lotus and Upright Hip Opener. I didn’t find a good way to stretch my right leg while I drove. Even with cruise control on, it just doesn’t seem safe to take your right leg into Lotus while driving (you never know when you might need to slam on your brakes), so I recommend these poses only for your left leg. Do the right when you stop for gas.

Do these on your way home from the office to help relieve stress and release tight muscles at the end of your day – or try them during a long road trip to ease stiffness and arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed and relaxed!

Note: Of course, you will want to use caution when performing these stretches, and only do them when you can do so safely.


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