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[Weekly Workout] 55-Minute Yoga for Mobility, Flexibility & Strength

By Rose S. / November 9, 2022

Strengthen, stretch, & release in this with this lovely full-body flow for mobility, flexibility, & strength… This one-hour yoga practice will take you through a feel-good flow that will allow you to release tension, stiffness, and stress from your body and mind! This class combines a flowing Vinyasa practice with deep, slow, holds to help […]


5 Ways to Improve Mobility & Flexibility with Yoga

By Rose S. / November 7, 2022

Improve both mobility and flexibility with these helpful yoga practice tips… Yoga can be a wonderful form of exercise for staying mobile and flexible as we age. Most yoga poses will help to increase your range of motion and stretch and massage muscle fibers and fascia while strengthening muscles and joints. When it comes to […]