10 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Yogi

Stuck for gift ideas for your favorite yoga lover? Here are 10 useful, unique, and just plain fun gifts for the special yogi in your life!

The holidays are here, which means…its time for holiday shopping! If you’re stuck for gift ideas – no worries – we’ve got a great list of fun and fabulous gifts that your favorite yogi will love – even if that yogi is you!  🙂

From the non-morning yoga person, to the dog or cat lover, from awesome useful gifts, to fun little stocking stuffers, check out the list below and get to work on that holiday shopping list!

We all have that chipper (aka annoying) friend who is an unabashed morning person and thinks it’s OK to say, “You sure you don’t want to sign up for a 7 a.m. flow this Sunday?” Just send them a selfie while sipping your morning coffee from this cheeky mug. Problem solved!  🙂

($16.99 on Amazon.com)

Unless you’re uber-flexible, you’re going to need a yoga block at some point in your flow. Whether for support during triangle pose, or to deepen your stretch in downward dog, yoga blocks come in handy. There are lots of yoga blocks out there, but we prefer the cork kind, which just have that cool natural/eco-friendly vibe. This 2-block set also comes with a yoga strap, which will also come in handy for the less-flexible yogis among us.

($29.98 on Amazon.com)

This large-size yoga bag will fit your mat and everything else you or your yogi friend needs to bring to yoga class. The full-length zipper means you can fit all standard-size mats inside, and the cute tree design will get you plenty of complements! It includes an extra roomy pocket for keys, cell phone, etc., plus a mesh side pocket for your water bottle. They also promise to plant a tree for every bag purchased, so you can feel extra-good about giving this gift!

($25 on Amazon.com)

Twisting yourself into a pretzel in yoga class might work wonders to relieve muscle tension, but this mat takes it to the next level. And don’t worry about the name “bed of nails”—there isn’t anything you would find in a hardware store attached to this mat! Instead, the pointy acupressure plates stimulate blood flow to ease any lingering muscle soreness or pain – something we could all use once in a while after a hard yoga class.

($59.95 on Amazon.com)

Call us skeptical, but every no-slip yoga mat we’ve tried hasn’t worked as advertised. At the beginning of class it appears to be doing its job, but the second we start sweating, our mat turns into a slip ‘n slide… Okay, maybe not quite, but it sure seems like it! And that’s why these towels come in handy. They’re pricey, but washable, and they should last just about forever. Put one over your yoga mat and never slip again. Seriously.

($47.99-$52.99 on Amazon.com)

We all wish we had someone like Jessamyn Stanley by our side when we started practicing yoga—someone to tell us to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else in class… Someone to tell us how yoga can help us love our bodies rather than seeing them as the enemy. Her how-to book has 50 basic poses and 10 sequences, but it’s not just for beginners. We can all learn something from the way Stanley thinks (and talks) about yoga.

($9.48 on Amazon.com)

The perfect gift for your dog-loving yoga friends! This cute calendar features our favorite canine friends in classic yoga poses – a new one for each month of the year. (Not a dog lover? Get the Yoga Cats Calendar instead!)

($10.81 on Amazon.com)

Feeling stressed? Chakras out of whack? Keep this mini coloring book in your bag or your back pocket—it really is small enough to fit. Its 70 designs range from flowers to butterflies to rolling waves, making them all a quick way to zen out on those days when you’re too busy to take an hour-long yoga class.

($4.43 on Amazon.com)

9. DuBeeBaby Cotton Yoga Socks

If you need a little “stocking stuffer” gift, yoga socks are the perfect choice! Yoga socks typically have a non-slip grippy pattern on the bottom to keep you from slipping during those tricky inversion poses. Personally, I think the ones with the little separate toes feel weird, which is why I like these from DubeeBaby. They’re also 100% cotton, so they’ll help wick away sweat and stay soft and comfy for a long time.

($12.39 (4-pack) on Amazon.com)

10. Online Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes are the perfect gift for the busy yogi – you can do them anytime, anywhere, without even leaving the house! Yoga Download is offering 25% off gift certificates for any of their online yoga programs to make it easy to shop for yoga classes this holiday season.

(Price varies; Use Coupon Code 25GC-GIFT at YogaDownload.com.)


(Find more yoga gift ideas at Greatist.com.)

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