4 Plants to Enhance Your Yoga Practice Space

Enhance your indoor yoga practice space with these 4 beneficial plants…

Creating a calm and relaxing space for your yoga practice is important for getting the most out of your yoga experience. There are many different ways to create a relaxing atmosphere, from candles to calming music, incense, or meditative art pieces. One way that some yogis choose to bring the beauty and calming aspects of nature into their yoga practice space is through plants.

Plants not only help you connect with nature, but they also help cleanse and purify the air, create a positive mood, and provide focus for meditation.

Here a few plants you may want to consider adding to your practice space:

1.) Peace Lily

Peace lilies are particularly good at filtering harmful toxins from the air, and will create a fresh and healthy environment for your yoga practice. They also offer visual interest with their geometric white flowers and shiny, dark green foliage.

2.) Snake Plant

Like peace lilies, snake plants are also low-maintenance and great at removing toxins from indoor air spaces.

3.) Spider Plant

Spider plants are easy to maintain and grow in low-light conditions. Their long, spidering vines add visual interest when planted in a hanging basket, and some varieties come with multi-colored variegated foliage.

4.) Fragrant plants or flowers such as roses or lavender

Adding plants with naturally pleasant scents to your space can provide some aromatherapy benefits, and may help to clear and focus your mind during meditation.

By bringing nature into your indoor yoga space with these plants and others, you can enjoy the many benefits that plants can bring to your practice!

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