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[Weekly Workout] 12-Minute Restorative Yoga for Back Pain

By Rose S. / February 16, 2022

Relieve back pain in minutes with this quick & gentle restorative yoga flow… We’re taking a quick break from our Yoga Journey series this week to focus on back pain. Back pain impacts a substantial number of Americans, and working from home during the pandemic has only worsened the problem. Fortunately, yoga can be a […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Yoga for Back Pain & Sciatica

By Rose S. / July 28, 2021

Got back pain? Give your back some love with this gentle stretch sequence… Being in pain is no fun! Back pain, in particular, can seem like it impacts every area of your life – which makes sense, since just about every move you make is somehow connected to your back or spinal muscles. One of […]


[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Yoga for Back Pain & Sciatica

By Rose S. / September 18, 2019

Relieve pain, stiffness, and nerve impingement with this gentle class on yoga for back pain and sciatica… Back pain is no fun! It can be quite debilitating, and in fact, back pain is the number one reason for missing work in the U.S.. There are many different treatments for back pain, and their effectiveness can […]


[Weekly Workout] Basic Yoga for Back Pain

By Rose S. / March 13, 2019

Got back pain? Try this basic strengthening yoga for back pain practice to help provide some relief. As we discussed earlier this week, back pain is a major problem in the Western world, with a high percentage of people missing work and cutting out hobbies they enjoy due to this debilitating condition. Yoga can be […]