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5 Yin Yoga Poses to Do At Night

By Rose S. / March 8, 2021

Do this sequence of Yin yoga poses before bed to release stress & tension & ready yourself for rest… You probably already know that stress weakens the immune system – and a fully functioning immune system is more important now than ever. There are so many things in the modern world that can stress us […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Bedtime Yoga Practice for Better Sleep

By / December 12, 2018

Melt away holiday stress and get the rest you need with this soothing bedtime yoga practice… With all the stress of this time of year, it can sometimes be hard to get good sleep – especially if you have family visiting for the holidays, or a lot of activity going on at home or at […]


Yoga for Insomnia: 7 Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep Better

By / December 10, 2018

Can’t sleep? Try yoga for insomnia instead of pills. Here are 7 relaxing yoga poses to try… Insomnia has been reported as the most common of sleep disorders among adults in America, with approximately 12% of the population having chronic insomnia. Of those, approximately 40% are adults. That’s a lot of people losing sleep every […]


4 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

By / November 20, 2017

Prepare your body and mind for restful sleep with these 4 relaxing yoga poses. After a long day, sometimes all you want is a good night’s sleep – but it can be hard to wind down enough to fall asleep, especially if you have a lot on your mind. Yoga is a great way to […]


[Weekly Workout] Bedtime Yoga for Better Sleep

By / February 1, 2017

This relaxing bedtime yoga routine will help prepare your mind and body for sleep. Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, you may have been told not to work out close to bedtime, so that your body will have time to cool down in preparation for sleep. While this is true, a few gentle yoga […]