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7 Steps for Practicing the 5 Niyamas of Yoga

By Rose S. / November 9, 2020

Ready to add more positivity, strength, and depth to your life? Add the 5 Niyamas to your yoga practice! Here’s how to do it… According to the 8 limbs of yoga, there are 5 internal practices of observance – called the Niyamas – which extend the ethical codes of conduct described in the Yamas. Practicing […]


[Weekly Workout] 45-Minute Vinyasa for the Yamas & Niyamas

By Rose S. / September 2, 2020

This 45-minute Vinyasa flow will help you incorporate the yamas & niyamas into your yoga practice for a deeper experience of yoga… There are many different aspects to yoga besides just the asanas or physical practice. However, in a truly holistic yoga practice, all aspects work together in connection with each other. This Vinyasa class […]


[Video] How to Let Go with Aparigraha

By Rose S. / April 6, 2020

Having trouble relaxing and letting go? This quick video helps you understand the yama of Aparigraha and how it can help you lead a more balanced life… It’s a phrase you probably hear a lot in yoga classes, but what does “just let go” really mean? Relaxing and letting go can be a lot more […]


5 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Well-Being

By / January 16, 2017

Improve your overall well-being and peace of mind with these 5 yoga poses. Did you know that there is more to yoga than just the physical exercise part? In fact, the physical poses – known as asanas – are only one of 8 pieces of the traditional practice of yoga. As this article on MindBodyGreen.com […]