[Weekly Workout] 45-Minute Vinyasa for the Yamas & Niyamas

This 45-minute Vinyasa flow will help you incorporate the yamas & niyamas into your yoga practice for a deeper experience of yoga…

There are many different aspects to yoga besides just the asanas or physical practice. However, in a truly holistic yoga practice, all aspects work together in connection with each other.

This Vinyasa class is a perfect example. As you flow through each physical movement or pose, you will integrate the asanas with pranayama (yogic breath techniques) to embody the yamas and niyamas (the first and second limbs of yoga) inside of your physical practice.

You will learn to integrate aspects of movement and stillness, together with breathing, to internalize these important elements of yoga which are often neglected in the Western world.

Find a quiet place, get on your mat, and get ready to move, breathe, and flow!


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