[Weekly Workout] Yoga for Knee Strength & Pain Relief

This yoga for knee strength class will help to strengthen your knees and ease or prevent knee pain…

The knees are a sensitive area for many people, and some yoga poses can be hard on the knees – especially if you have existing knee problems. Sitting either with crossed legs or on your heels can both be difficult if you have knee issues, and most yoga practices involve both of these seated positions.

However, yoga can also help to strengthen the muscles around your knees and even relieve knee pain. For example, this class focuses on yoga for knee strength, and may help to prevent knee pain, Runners Knee, and patella tendon soreness. Like any joint, strengthening the muscles around your knee can help to stabilize the joint, relieving pain and reducing the risk of future injury. This sequence will help to strengthen and heal your knees. She will also provide some warnings and helpful guidelines for yoga poses that may cause stress or strain for your knees.

Be sure to consult your doctor before doing this class if you have preexisting knee conditions, and always listen to your body and back off if something doesn’t feel right.

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