[Weekly Workout] 15-Minute Immune-Boosting Yoga Flow

Immune-boosting yoga flow video

Support your body’s detoxification efforts & stay healthy this winter with this quick immune-boosting flow…

As we move into cold and flu season, it’s important to take steps to stay healthy however you can. There are many ways to reduce your risk of illness, from getting plenty of sleep and exercise, to avoiding sugary foods and loading up on immune-boosting vitamins. Yoga can also help to improve your overall health and improve your immunity through reducing stress and cleansing toxins from your body.

This gentle 15-minute sequence includes some detoxifying yoga poses as well as Kapalabati breathing (also known as “Breath of Fire”), which can help to re-energize your body and mind and give your immune system some support. This class is also gentle enough to do if you are already recovering from a cold or flu and not feeling up to an intense workout. It’s also perfect for fitting into your busy schedule and helping you stay healthy during the hectic holiday season!

Just grab your mat and get ready to flow…


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