BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat Review

Looking for a comfortable and affordable yoga mat? Consider the BalanceFrom GoYoga mat…

While you don’t need a lot of equipment to practice yoga, one absolute must is a yoga mat. Yoga mats provide a soft and stable surface for performing the various poses, whether you are on carpet, tile or hardwood flooring, or even if you are practicing outdoors. Most yoga mats are around the same size and made of similar materials. They provide cushioning for floor exercises and help you balance securely while doing standing poses. Keep in mind that yoga mats can be used for other forms of exercise as well, such as Pilates or any type of floor exercises.

Everyone that does yoga really does need a good yoga mat, and fortunately, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. One good example is the BalanceFrom GoYoga mat. Whether you are getting the yoga mat for yourself or looking for a gift for a friend, this is a great purchase. This mat is around $20, so it is affordable and practical while also being a decent quality mat.

This yoga mat is a fairly standard size at 71 inches long and 24 inches wide. This provides enough space for yoga enthusiasts of various sizes and shapes. The mat is made from high-density foam with about ½ inch thickness. This is a good level of padding, which offers more control and stability, while cushioning your elbows, hips, spine, and knees when doing different moves on hard or uneven surfaces.

The BalanceFrom yoga mat actually has non-slip material on both sides, so you can flip it over for every workout to avoid uneven wear. This helps this particular mat to wear naturally and evenly. The material used for this yoga mat is also moisture-resistant, which is great when you tend to sweat from yoga – or when doing hot yoga classes. It can easily be cleaned with a bit of soap and water, or a mat cleaning spray.

This mat is perfect for traveling or bringing to yoga class with you since it is lightweight and portable. It rolls up and comes with its own carrying strap, so you don’t even need a mat bag to carry it.

One major pro for this yoga mat is that it is nice and thick – a bit thicker and more comfortable than many other mats. It is also a little larger in size. However, if you are used to a smaller mat or thinner mat, you might not like the bigger size and additional bulk, so this could be a potential drawback for you. Also, if you do yoga every single day, you may wish to look at a higher-end mat such as the Jade Fusion or the Gaiam Premium mats, which may be more durable for everyday use.

Overall, we found this to be a very comfortable yoga mat at an affordable price, and recommend it as a good purchase for yourself or someone you know that enjoys yoga or Pilates.


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