Jade Fusion Yoga Mat Review: Is It Worth the Premium Price?

The Jade Fusion yoga mat is a highly-rated yoga mat with a number of benefits over other yoga mats – but it’s not cheap! Here’s a closer look why this particular yoga mat commands a premium price…

Jade Yoga is a reputable company known for making environmentally conscious yoga products. One unique thing about Jade Yoga is that, through its partnership with Trees for the Future, every Jade Fusion yoga mat purchase also funds the planting of a tree. As an ancient spiritual and physical practice and exercise, yoga promotes being one with yourself and nature. And Jade Yoga’s products help you do so while simultaneously and responsibly looking after Mother Earth, which is one reason why so many yogis love Jade’s yoga mats.

Let’s take a closer look at this planet-friendly yoga mat and see just what you get.

Key Elements of the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

  • Promotes excellent grip with an open cell natural rubber construction
  • Natural rubber offers more resilience and cushioning than cheaper yoga mat components
  • Made in the USA from renewable resources
  • Jade Yoga plants a tree whenever you purchase a Jade Fusion mat
  • Comes in 68″ and 74″ lengths

What Makes the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat a Smart Buy?

The art and practice of yoga began in the Far East, and with a move Westward over the centuries, there are now numerous yoga forms and practices which combine the best of those two cultures.

In that tradition, Jade Yoga combines natural rubber grown in the Far East with advanced Western technology to construct their yoga mats.

At nearly 8 mm in thickness (almost a third of an inch), the Fusion mat is a full 50% thicker than the typical 5 mm products usually found in the yoga marketplace. This means more cushion and padding, which can provide more comfort. When you feel comfortable, you can free your mind to focus more deeply on meditation and form, and your yoga practice benefits as a result.

Additionally, this large yoga mat is perfect for Pilates, intense physical programs like P90X, and other core fitness routines and exercises. There are two sizes available, so taller yogis may wish to opt for the 74″ mat.

All Jade mats are made using special natural rubber that has open cells. This contributes to a better texture and maximum gripping. That means no slipping, even if you sweat heavily. The superior slip resistance which nature provides is also offered in a very durable form factor that is both comfortable and safe. Jade Yoga ensures that no PVC or ozone-depleting components or substances are used in the construction of their Jade Fusion Yoga Mat, and that all mats are made 100% in the USA.

This mat is the thickest and most comfortable made by the respected Jade Yoga company. Designed to effectively support yogis of all sizes and experience levels, the Jade Fusion yoga mat makes an intelligent and environmentally-aware purchasing decision for any yogi practitioner that wants to act as a responsible steward of our planet, while also receiving the many benefits that a premium yoga mat offers.


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