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[Pose Of the Week] 3 Simple Chair Yoga Poses for the Office

By Rose S. / February 28, 2020

These simple chair yoga poses for the office can help give you the boost you need to get through the workday! As we discussed on Monday, there are many amazing benefits of doing yoga at the office. Even if your employer doesn’t offer a wellness program or yoga classes, you can still take a few […]


[Weekly Workout] 15-Minute Quickie Yoga for Office Workers

By Rose S. / February 26, 2020

Loosen up and relieve stiffness and back pain with this 15-minute quickie yoga class that’s perfect for office workers or anyone who spends a lot of time sitting! No matter how much you love your job, sitting for 8 hours at a time can leave you feeling stiff, sore, tired, and drained… Yoga to the […]


3 Awesome Benefits of Yoga In the Workplace

By Rose S. / February 24, 2020

Yoga in the workplace can make your job more healthy, productive, and fun! Here’s why… We know that yoga has many benefits for athletes, seniors, and even kids – but what about regular old office workers? No matter what kind of shape you’re in, or how flexible (or inflexible) you may be, or where you […]


3 Reasons to Do Yoga At Work

By / March 12, 2018

Doing yoga at work not only reduces chronic pain, but can also make you a better employee – according to this recent study… Chronic pain is a major cause of lost productivity – not to mention money. One estimate from Corporate Wellness Magazine suggested that missed work and health care costs due to back pain […]


[Weekly Workout] Hip-Opening Yoga Sequence

By / March 15, 2017

This flowing hip-opening yoga sequence is perfect for loosening tight hip muscles and preventing low back pain. When we sit for hours every day at a desk (which many of us do), our hips are one of the first areas of the body to suffer. Sitting for long periods causes muscles in your hips to […]


3 Yoga Poses to Get You Through the Work Day

By / March 3, 2017

Feeling stiff, stressed, and in pain after sitting at your desk all day? Try these yoga poses throughout your work day for some relief! Believe it or not, the human body was not meant to spend 8+ hours per day sitting down – though most of us in today’s modern world do this every work day. […]