3 Reasons to Do Yoga At Work

Doing yoga at work not only reduces chronic pain, but can also make you a better employee – according to this recent study…

Chronic pain is a major cause of lost productivity – not to mention money. One estimate from Corporate Wellness Magazine suggested that missed work and health care costs due to back pain can cost a business up to $34,600 per year for each 100 employees. Some companies have added on-site gyms in an effort to encourage employee wellness and reduce illness and chronic pain among their workforce. But yoga may be an even better (and cheaper) option.

In fact, a recent study of 150 employees in the UK found that taking a 1-hour long workplace yoga class just once a week for 8 weeks not only decreased chronic back pain, but also reduced the number of sick days taken by the employee test group.

But that’s not all – participants also experienced several other benefits. Here are just 3 benefits of doing yoga at work:

1.) Reduced Pain & Stress

Participants in the study who took the workplace yoga class and also practiced at home for at least 60 minutes each week for 6 months cut their pain at least by half, required less medical attention, and also reported reduced stress levels.

2.) Improved Creativity & Problem Solving

According to YogaBasics.com, “apart from the obvious physical benefits of practicing yoga at work (we all know that our bodies are not meant to sit and look at a screen all day!), research indicates that practicing yoga facilitates creativity, since yoga can lead to a slowing of the often-overpowering rational mind. This allows the subconscious mind to shine through, which strengthens both problem-solving abilities and creative capacity.”

3.) More Focus & Better Productivity

“Yoga encourages us to be fully present, which allows us to experience flashes of lucidity, inspiration, and motivation,” and this also helps us to focus more fully on our work when we come back to our desks. Clearing your mind of stress, worry, and drama helps you to focus on the task at hand, overcome challenges, and accomplish your daily workload with a sense of accomplishment rather than stress and overwhelm.

If your employer doesn’t offer yoga classes, no worries – many yoga poses can easily be done in work clothes, without working up a sweat, in whatever space you have available. Get up every hour and do a few stretches behind your desk. Try some deep breathing in your cubicle. Or close your office door and do a few Sun Salutations. Not only does doing yoga at work benefit your body, but it can also improve your professional life by reducing stress, and increasing creativity, productivity, and focus!


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