[Weekly Workout] Yoga Progression – Week 2: 20-Minute Calming Flow

Strengthen and energize your body with this 20-minute calming at-home yoga class.

Last week we shared a short 10-minute yoga class perfect for beginners or those who need a really short class to fit into a busy schedule once in a while. This week, we’re stepping it up to a 20-minute yoga session that will help to stretch, strengthen, and invigorate the entire body. (This class builds on the sequence featured in last week’s class, so you may want to check that one out first.) Expand your at-home yoga practice with this slightly more advanced sequence.

Bookmark this one for anytime you only have 20 minutes to do yoga, or whenever you just want to relax and recharge!

Be sure to pay attention to the different variations for each pose demonstrated in the video, and follow the variation that best suits your comfort level and experience.

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