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[Weekly Workout] Peaceful Warrior Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / February 24, 2021

Find strength and acceptance in this powerful and gentle flow! Embrace your inner warrior with this powerful 27-minute practice! This flow will help you find your inner strength while embracing gentleness and kindness. Pay attention to your attitude towards yourself and your body as you move through this sequence. How does it make you feel […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Feel Good Power Yoga Flow

By Rose S. / July 8, 2020

This quick power yoga flow will help you build strength, release stress, and feel great in just 20 minutes! This 20-minute total body yoga flow will help to energize your body and mind with a sequence of powerful yoga poses designed to help you look and feel great! This quick but challenging class is a […]


[Weekly Workout] Hatha Yoga Joy – Week 3: Glowing Yoga Body

By Rose S. / April 15, 2020

Stretch and tone your entire body as you let your inner beauty shine in this 30-minute yoga flow! Welcome to Week 3 of the Hatha Yoga Joy series! In these troubled times, yoga can be such a wonderful way to tune out the chaos in the outside world, and tune into the inner strength, peace, […]


[Weekly Workout] Hatha Yoga Joy – Week 1

By Rose S. / April 1, 2020

Find your inner peace and joy with this uplifting Hatha yoga joy class! Could you use a little bit more joy in your life right about now? I know I could! I thought this Hatha yoga joy sequence would be perfect for spring – not to mention the challenging times we find ourselves in – […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Yoga for Complete Beginners

By Rose S. / October 16, 2019

Ready to try yoga for yourself? Learn this basics in this home class on yoga for complete beginners! Get started with yoga in the comfort of your own living room with this 20-minute home yoga workout video! This class on yoga for complete beginners offers a gentle introduction to some of the most basic yoga […]


[Weekly Workout] At-Home Bikram Yoga Class for Beginners

By / June 6, 2018

Hot yoga is tricky to do at home, but this 60-minute Bikram yoga class will give you a little taste of this unique style of yoga… Bikram yoga is one branch of yoga that isn’t that easy to do at home, since it requires a specific environment in regards to temperature and humidity. If you […]


[Weekly Workout] Yoga Progression – Week 2: 20-Minute Calming Flow

By / March 14, 2018

Strengthen and energize your body with this 20-minute calming at-home yoga class. Last week we shared a short 10-minute yoga class perfect for beginners or those who need a really short class to fit into a busy schedule once in a while. This week, we’re stepping it up to a 20-minute yoga session that will […]