[Weekly Workout] Morning Yoga for Energy

Boost your energy and start your day off on the right foot with this relaxing and energizing morning yoga routine!

This 20-minute morning yoga sequence is perfect for beginners and beyond. If you feel low-energy or sluggish in the morning, this gentle routine is the perfect “pick-me-up”! If you tend to start off the day in a bad mood, this class will turn things around for you. If you feel too tired to do yoga in the morning, that’s even more reason to make the time to do this! It will boost your mood, increase your energy, get your body moving, and generally provide a great start to your day.

This workout also provides a great stretch for the body and especially the upper back, to relieve any morning stiffness you may be experiencing.

Give it a try now, and see how much more you enjoy your day!

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