4 Famous Sports Stars Who Love Yoga

When it comes to the benefits of yoga, even sports stars are getting on the bandwagon! Here’s what four famous players say about yoga’s impact on their performance.

Athletes know the importance of holistic training and keeping their bodies in tip-top shape for maximum performance. Not only do the top athletes prioritize physical fitness, but they also know how to keep their bodies functional and injury-free. Many athletes have learned that yoga is a great way to accomplish these important goals – regardless of which sport they play professionally.

For example, the four sports stars below utilize yoga to keep themselves healthy, strong, and flexible, and maximize their performance in their chosen field.

 Maria Sharapova

The tennis star and Grand Slam Champion is known for being one of game’s most athletic competitors. She has won every Grand Slam at least once and has been world number 1. Mind Body Green reported that Sharapova did a video for Nike in 2010 detailing her yoga regime. According to the health site Sharapova said, “When I do yoga it also allows me to sort of think about what I have to do, how my body is going to go into the next position, and breathing into stretches. It’s almost mentally stabilizing in one place.”

Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love has invested heavily in yoga to improve his game. In an interview with Stack.com he said, “my business is my body, I thought that yoga would be a great way to make my body feel better, so I’ve integrated it into my workouts.”…

Sally Fitzibbons

Australian professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is no stranger to exercise. Her sport requires strength, balance, endurance, and stamina, all of which she has mastered in order to be considered one of best in the world. In an interview with Cooler Lifestyle she named yoga as one of “the best exercises for surfing” due to the need to get “strong enough to withstand all that power the ocean throws at you when you’re out there.”…

Ryan Giggs

If you ever need proof that yoga can help you stay at the top of your game for longer then look no further than soccer star Ryan Giggs. The Telegraph reported that at the age of 40 Giggs was still playing regular first team soccer for one of the biggest clubs in the world: Manchester Untied. Most soccer players retire if they are lucky in their early 30’s. Speaking to the paper Giggs said “[yoga] strengthens your muscles, improves flexibility, but also keeps you fit and gets you out on the training pitch so you can train every day.” …

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