Meet Super Brain Yoga: Yoga for Your Mind

Stimulate your brain, improve wellness & mental function, relieve stress, and more with the simple practice of Super Brain Yoga!

There are numerous benefits to a regular yoga practice – both physical and mental. Increased strength and flexibility, better balance, and stress relief are just a few. But Super Brain Yoga is a yoga practice that is just for the mind.

This unique technique isn’t “yoga” as you may picture it – in the sense of physical poses or asanas; instead, it is a simple practice that works to move energy through the chakras, activate and energize the brain, synchronize the brain hemispheres, and improve brain function.

What is Super Brain Yoga?

Super Brain Yoga is a unique technique that combines breathing and acupressure. It is very simple to learn, only takes a few minutes per day, and can be practiced anywhere.

This practice has been recognized to have numerous positive mental benefits by both Eastern and Western medicine.

Here is a list of some of these benefits, according to

  • More energized and active mind
  • Increased inner peace
  • Relief from anxiety and other mental health challenges
  • More stable sex drive
  • Physical cleansing
  • More energized chakras
  • Greater psychological balance
  • Proper brain functioning
  • Synchronizes left and right brain
  • Distributes energy levels
  • Increases sense of calm
  • Stimulates thinking capacity
  • Increases mental energy
  • Makes you more creative
  • Develops cognitive powers
  • Improves focus, concentration, and memory
  • Boosts decision-making skills
  • Relieves stress or behavioral problems

How to Do Super Brain Yoga – According to

Before you start, remove all watches, jewelry, and other accessories.

#1. Stand up straight and face the sunrise.

It is best to do Super Brain Yoga in the morning. It is also preferable that you face the sun.

#2. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Keep it directly behind your teeth. It should feel like you are about to make a “la” sound.

#3. Move your left hand across your upper body.

Reach for your right earlobe with your thumb and forefinger. Be sure to keep your thumb in front.

#4. Move your right hand across your upper body.

And reach for your left earlobe. Again, keep your thumb in front of your forefinger.

#5. Gently press against your earlobes.

Take stock of this position. Make sure your left arm is close to your chest. It should be tucked inside your right arm.

#6. Deeply inhale through your nose.

Move towards the ground in a squat position.

#7. Hold your breath for a beat or two.

Move back to your standing position. Then exhale.

#8. Repeat this process 15 to 21 times.

Assess your position every so often. Continue holding your earlobes. Make sure your tongue is still touching the roof of your mouth.

Allow your concentration to increase. Stress will start to melt away. And you will notice a shift in energy within the next few weeks.

You can practice Super Brain Yoga anytime, but many experts recommend practicing in the morning if possible in order to enjoy the benefits throughout your day.

How Super Brain Yoga Works

Ancient yogis are believed to have discovered the practice of Super Brain Yoga thousands of years ago – but it is still just as relevant today. Research indicates that this practice can have a powerful effect on brain waves – stimulating your alpha brain waves to promote relaxed alertness. This area of the brain is related to learning, memory storage, and critical thinking.

The practice of pinching your ear lobes is believed to activate your pineal gland, which regulates your biological processes, mood, and circadian rhythms. This area of the brain also regulates the release of the hormone melatonin, which regulates your sleep patterns. Obviously, taking care of the health of your pineal glands is very important for overall health and well-being!

Super Brain Yoga is also believed to improve pranic energy. Pranic energy is related to the body’s innate ability to heal itself, which is why this technique may help to strengthen the immune system and promote faster healing.

And, by synchronizing the right and left brain hemispheres, this practice may improve your emotional balance and control, improve cognitive function, and help you to retain and process information better.

To benefit from Super Brain Yoga, you should make sure to practice it regularly – daily if possible.


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