[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Relaxing Yoga Flow for Anxiety & Stress

Release anxiety and stress, improve your mood, and sleep better with this 20-minute relaxing yoga flow…

This gentle and relaxing yoga flow will help you dissolve anxiety and stress, find your center, and feel great! This is a great session to do before bed, or anytime during the day when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

The soft, relaxing music will help to soothe your mind and release any tension and anxiety that you may be holding on to, and each pose is designed to relax your muscles throughout your entire body.

Focus on your breathing as you follow along with the flowing movements of this soothing yoga session, and you will emerge feeling refreshed, rested, and relaxed!

(Note: If you have trouble relaxing during this session, you may want to check out Monday’s post on doing yoga when you’re anxious.)

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